How It Works Built Differently for Good Reason

What Makes Summit Different

Delightful for developers, built for business

Apps built on Summit are hosted, scaled and supported by our carrier-class cloud infrastructure that is specifically architected for real-time business communications. Not only can you count on quality but you won't have to buy or manage infrastructure to run your apps – saving you money and letting you simply focus on building great apps.

What that means for you:

  • Quality First – Your apps run on infrastructure that puts voice quality first, with offerings like dedicated voice circuits to guarantee quality and support compliance for PCI, HIPAA and SOX.
  • Fast & Secure – Summit is built on a modern dev stack for apps that are fast and lightweight. Technologies like Docker and Cassandra let us process calls in a patented way that increases data security, minimizes the impact of system upgrades and supports global redundancy.
  • Dynamic Code-Level Control – Code-level access to your apps gives you the ability to support complex logic or multi-system integrations.

How Summit Works

Both API-based communications platforms and CPaaS solutions give you the freedom to create your dream apps but Summit's CPaaS architecture is designed to improve call quality and support complex logic at scale.

Api-Based Platform

HTTP requests and responses are sent back and forth between the app, which lives on infrastructure you buy and manage, and the platform, which lives on the vendor's infrastructure, allowing the systems to "talk" and trigger actions accordingly. Each API call takes time – which can add up quickly as complexity of the app or call volume increases, creating noticeable delays on calls or impacting routing.

Summit Platform

Apps live directly on the Summit Platform, bringing app logic as close to the call endpoint as possible. This eliminates the back and forth of HTTP requests – and the associated time – reducing latency and potential race conditions resulting in better call quality, especially at scale. Summit then offers APIs to support backend integrations and other near real-time activities without compromising the call experience.

Tools for Success

    Documentation & APIs

    Apps on Summit are built using APIs and the programming language, Lua. Summit docs include everything you need to succeed - API reference, app tutorials and a library of easy-to-learn Lua commands.


    Our datastore provides Summit applications with access to a read/write database to improve call quality, drive personalized experiences and support complex logic in real time.

    Voice & SMS Numbers

    Summit offers worldwide termination apps plus DIDs in 59 countries and SMS in over 200 countries and international toll-free numbers in 113 countries.

    Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

    Usage-based pricing ensures you're never overpaying and allows you to manage costs with ease. Plus, there's no charge for standard inbound SMS.