Summit Voice

The Voice Platform That’s Built for Business

Powerful Telephony for Your Apps

Power your apps with reliable voice functionality that’s built for business. With Summit, your users can place and accept calls directly from your app or existing software systems, plus automate common workflows with call scheduling, data processing and more.

Summit is built differently than most API-based platforms, hosting your apps on a carrier-class network architected specifically for real-time communications for easy scalability and uptime you can depend on.

Easy, Effective Use Cases

With Summit, the ways to interact with your users and customers are endless. Here are a few of the voice applications you could build:

    Account Management

    Allow users to access account information, process payments, activate services and more through custom IVRs.

    Location Lookup

    Let customers easily lookup nearby locations and providers by entering their zip code.

    Surveys & Polls

    Conduct surveys and polls to gather customer feedback.

    Personalized Call Routing

    Personalize caller interactions with unique messaging and IVR call menus.

    Confirmations & Notifications

    Automate order confirmations, appointment reminders, shipping notices and more.

    Payment Processing

    Notify customers of upcoming due dates and let them pay their bill through your IVR.

Architected for Voice

When it comes to voice platforms, architecture is everything. Every component of Summit was built specifically for exceptional voice quality.

  • Built to Eliminate Latency – Summit’s true CPaaS structure brings app logic and call processes as close together as possible to minimize latency, resulting in noticeably better call quality.
  • On-Demand Scalability – Our true cloud architecture is designed for instant scaling and can support thousands of concurrent calls.
  • Carrier-Class Network – Built on our own carrier-class network, we work with multiple Tier 1 carriers and host your apps on industry-leading equipment to ensure uptime and maintain maximum control over quality.

Add Rich Voice Features with Ease

With Summit’s powerful voice capabilities and voice APIs, you can easily build high-quality voice functionality
into your applications with minimal to no maintenance.

    SIP Connectivity

    Use our SIP protocol to connect with existing systems and gain access to our global footprint and carriers.

    Call Recording

    Keep a record of your calls for training and compliance purposes.

    Real-Time Reporting

    Real-time event feeds provide access to call data in seconds and seamlessly integrate with backend systems.

    Call Scheduling

    Automate your outbound calls to drive customer reminders and notifications.

    Time of Day Routing

    Ensure all calls are answered and directed to the appropriate place depending on the time of day.

    Multi-lingual Text-to-Speech

    Convert text to media files in English, Spanish and French.

    DID Management

    Order and manage numbers directly from your account portal. We offer local and toll-free numbers as well as number porting.

    International Footprint

    Summit offers worldwide termination plus DID availability in 59 countries and international toll-free number availability in 113 countries.