What is Summit?

Summit is a communications Platform as a Service solution (CPaaS) for building voice & SMS apps. Summit encompasses many things including powerful development tools, APIs, Lua-based development language, customizable modules, web IDE, helper tools, and network structure.

What can I build with the Summit platform?

You can build nearly any voice or SMS application, including IVRs, PBX, interactive text apps, and even complex contact center software.

What can't I build?

Spaceships. But seriously, non-telecom applications probably belong somewhere else. We also require that any apps you build on the platform are in line with applicable telecom and other laws. We won’t play Big Brother unless you make us, so just make good, law-abiding apps and we’ll be good.

Are there any starting modules available?

Definitely! We built our own Mitel Flex product on Summit, which means we've got some great starting material for you. If you’re interested in extending or modifying our code base, let us know at summitsupport@shoretel.com.

What comes with an account?

To get you started, we'll load $20 to your account so you can properly test live calls or texts. Your account will come with access to all of our developer tools, including the Summit Editor web IDE, Datastore, and more, plus free hosting on our secure, redundant network.

Can I buy phones through you?

Sure! We're happy to help you buy or lease phones. We also have a softphone available. Contact summitsupport@shoretel.com and we can talk through your needs.

Do I need any hardware?

That depends on what you plan for your apps to do. If you're using the platform to build a PBX system or another system that requires a person to answer or place calls, you will want hard phones or softphones for those users.

Other than phones, no additional hardware is necessary. We'll take care of all the hosting and there's no need for any on-premise systems or infrastructure.

Is there any recommended types of hardware?

If you're interested in purchasing or leasing phones through Mitel, we do have a list of recommended phones and coordinating accessories for both hard phones and our softphone. Otherwise, any SIP-capable phone will work.

Can my app work on ANY phone?

Apps on the platform will work on any SIP-capable phone system or smartphone capable of SIP.


Do I need to give you a credit card number in order to sign up for an account?

Nope. We'll preload your account with $20 so you can give the platform a try. When you're ready, you can enter your credit card information to load further deposits and continue usage.

When am I billed? How am I billed?

Your apps run on prepaid deposits. That way, you can easily moderate your spending and decide how/when to scale up as necessary. If you're interested in post billing, you can get the process started with a credit application by contacting summitsupport@shoretel.com.

Will I receive notifications when my account is almost empty?

You can set a minimum balance threshold for your account. When your account hits the minimum you’ve defined, we'll automatically charge your credit card with a desired amount that you’ve set to replenish your account. If we're not able to automatically add credits for you due to an issue with your card or other problem, you'll be notified via email.

What happens to my app if I there isn't enough in my account to cover calls and SMS?

If your app doesn't have enough credits to execute voice or SMS activities, users will receive an "application unavailable" message when they call in or attempt text interactions. Don't worry though, we'll make sure you know when credits are getting low so you can keep that from happening.

Can I get a refund on my unused deposit?

Yes, with the exception of the first $20 that we load for you. If you choose to close your account you can contact summitsupport@shoretel.com to arrange for a refund of unused deposits you have loaded.

Do deposits ever expire?

No, deposits do not expire. However, in the event that telecom rates ever change, they may gain or lose value depending on the rate change.

Do my deposits lose value if telecom rates change?

They may, although we do our best to keep rates constant. We'll make sure you're notified before a rate change takes effect.

Can I open a line of credit?

If you're interested in post billing, you can get the process started by contacting summitsupport@shoretel.com.

Can I auto-add money to my account if I'm about to run out?

Yes. You can set a minimum balance threshold for your account. When your account hits the minimum you’ve defined, we'll automatically charge your credit card with a desired amount that you’ve set to replenish your account.

Can I roll credits over to another account?

Sure. Contact summitsupport@shoretel.com for assistance.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes. If you're interested in purchasing bulk phone numbers or have large volumes of voice/SMS usage, contact us at summitsupport@shoretel.com so we can understand your needs and share available options for volume pricing.

Are there any free options for using the platform?

Yes. We'll load the first $20 to your account for you. That way, you can try out the system for free and load additional deposits whenever you're ready. You also get FREE inbound SMS for all apps you build on the platform.

Are there different rates for SMS and voice?

Yes. See our pricing page for a full breakdown.

I'm building an app on behalf of a client. Can you bill apps separately for different clients within my one account or do I need separate accounts for each?

You can use one account for your different clients. In order to separate client activities, you will need to set up different tenants within your account for each client. You will be billed for all activities within your account and tenants.

Are mobile rates different?

No, our rates are the same no matter what type of phone is being used or contacted.

Do you support MMS?

No, we don't currently support MMS. However, we intend to support it in the future.

Phone Numbers

How do I buy a phone number? How do I port a phone number?

Contact summitsupport@shoretel.com to start the porting process. You can buy from our pool of available DID numbers directly from within your account. Go to Number -> Orders to start a new order. To request a specific number or order international numbers, contact summitsupport@shoretel.com.

Can I buy/port numbers in bulk?

Yes. Just contact summitsupport@shoretel.com to start the process.

Do you offer international numbers?

Yes. See our international DID and rate deck for availability and pricing.

Will my phone number have my area code?

You can request a number with your area code, however, due to varying telecom laws and regulations, numbers may not always available in all markets. Contact us at summitsupport@shoretel.com and we would be happy to look into availability for you.

Can I buy toll-free numbers?

Yes. Contact summitsupport@shoretel.com to start the purchase or porting process.

Can I request a specific number?

Yes, you can request specific numbers however we cannot guarantee availability. Contact summitsupport@shoretel.com and let us know what number(s) you are looking for and we would be happy to look into availability for you.

How much does a phone number cost?

Please see our pricing page for full pricing page.

Are there bulk discounts for phone numbers?

Yes. If you're interested in purchasing bulk phone numbers, contact us at summitsupport@shoretel.com so we can understand your needs and share available options for volume pricing.

Are vanity numbers available?

Vanity numbers are not available for purchase at this time. However, you may port an existing vanity number that you own to our network.

Is there a maximum to how many phone numbers I can buy?

No. You can buy as many as you need to run your apps the way you want. However, it is important to note that desired quantities of numbers may not always be immediately available in all markets.

How long does it take to port or buy numbers?

Numbers can be purchased in real time, pending market availability. Porting numbers typically 5-7 takes business days.

Can I buy SMS shortcodes or toll-free shortcodes

Soon! We're currently in private beta with these features and will be releasing them shortly. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get first notice of new feature availability.


I have a team working on a Summit project. Does each team member need a separate account?

Nope! Sign up for one account, then add additional users from within your account. Each team member will have separate login credentials to the account.

Is there an admin account?

Yes. Admin accounts are capable of establishing full roles and permissions for users of the account.

How do I revoke access to a project?

Admin accounts will be able to manage all permissions and staff access for apps through the Summit platform web interface.

Can I change ownership of a project from one account to another?

We're working on that feature and it will be coming soon. Currently, please contact summitsupport@shoretel.com for assistance.


What kinds of support do you provide?

Support is available via phone, email, and chat. For questions specific to the development of your apps or Lua issues, we have started a community self-support forum where you can ask and answer questions of other Summit users.

What are your support hours?

Our support team is available 24/7. Please contact summitsupport@shoretel.com for assistance.

Is there any cost for support?

There is no charge for standard support. Developer support that extends beyond technical platform troubleshooting will be referred to community self-support, our professional solutions team, or a Summit Solution Partner who can help you through development questions or work with you to build your project.

What types of questions can support help me with?

Our support team can help you with questions related to purchasing and porting numbers, billing, accounts, Summit platform web interface troubleshooting, standard set-up issues, general network questions, or system performance issues.

How can I get updates on system status?

You can check our status page at anytime.


Are apps on the platform HIPAA compliant? TCPA? PCI?

Our network is PCI compliant, SOX compliant and supports users ability to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Can I host the app myself?

No, apps on the platform can only be deployed to our servers. We developed the Summit platform to provide hassle-free, fully secure application deployment. Our network is built to ensure the enterprise-caliber security and functionality that supports our enterprise product customers.

Do I have to use your carriers?

No, you can use your own carriers, however there are advantages to using Mitel carriers, including multiple, redundant backups, and no additional set-up required. Our pricing is based on our carriers, so if you are considering using different carriers, please contact summitsupport@shoretel.com to discuss how that will affect your pricing.

Are my apps segmented/safe from other apps?

Absolutely. We run a multi-tenant, multi-instance configuration, hosted in our highly-secure and redundant data centers. Read more about our network architecture and security.


Who has access to my apps?

Short answer: only you. Long answer: You and us. We won't ever sell, share, or use your app in our any of our own projects without your permission. The app is yours. No other Summit platform users will have access to your app either.

However, we retain the right to access your apps for a couple of reasons: 1) in the event of legal action (like a subpoena) or 2) to ensure that your apps do not in any way compromise our platform or supporting technology. Basically, don't do anything illegal or break our servers and we won't touch your app unless you ask us to.

Can I sell apps that I build?

Absolutely! Not only can you sell the voice and SMS apps that you build through your own web site and/or channels, but you can partner with Mitel as an App Partner in our Marketplace. Mitel App Partners benefit from joint marketing and exposure to Mitel’s customer and partner communities and more. Learn more about the Summit Partner Program.

Can I give away my apps?

Yes. If you'd like to contribute to the open source community, we're all for it. In the meantime, we'd suggest putting your app up on GitHub. Please send us a note letting us know about it so we can check it out! We'd love to know what you're working on and love to highlight stories about great apps in our newsletter. Free apps are also eligible to participate as App Partners in the Summit Partner Program.

Who owns apps built on the platform? Do you put the apps I build into your products?

You own any apps you build. We won't share, sell or use apps without your permission.


I'm not a developer. Is there anyone who can help me build my app?

Our Summit Solution Partners are happy to help. As trusted development partners and consultants, Summit Solution Partners work with you to make your voice and SMS apps come to life. Visit the Summit Marketplace to see our directory of Solution Partners or contact us at summitsales@shoretel.com to discuss your project with a member of our professional services team so we can connect you with the best partner for your needs.

Do I have to use the Summit Editor or Sublime Text 3 as my editor?

You can use any editor you wish, but using the Summit Editor or our packages for SublimeText 3 can make testing your app and validating your code pre-deployment easier. 

My deployment is getting rejected. How do I fix it?

Most likely, there is a code coverage issue. We run a check of your unit tests when you push your code back up to our repo. If your push is getting rejected, read more about behavior driven development and the test framework we use for answers.

Is there a sandbox for testing?

The app simulator will give you a direct text-only version of the application and allows for user interaction. If you'd like to test via the phone, we suggest temporarily altering your settings to deploy your app live to an unused extension or specified number for testing. One you've verified that the app works as expected, revise your settings and redeploy to your proper production number(s).

Can I test it live on the phone before I deploy it?

For live phone testing, we suggest temporarily altering your settings to deploy to an unused extension or specified number for testing. One you've verified that the app works as expected, just revise your settings and redeploy to your proper production number(s).

I don't know Lua. Can I use a different language to write my app?

We haven't ruled it out, but currently, we only support Lua on the platform. Lua is very easy to learn and well-documented. If you are already familiar with a different programming language, you'll find Lua easy to pick up, especially when you incorporate Moses, a utility-belt library for functional programming in Lua that gives you a number of shortcuts for common activities. Check out our list of resources for learning Lua.

Here's some other reasons we chose Lua:

I use a different platform currently. How do I convert it to the Summit platform?

You'll need to rewrite your apps on the platform. The good news is that once you start using our platform, you'll love the ease of development and deployment, and we likely have pre-built solutions for many of the apps you may be converting.

Can you help me with converting my app over?

Yep! If you're interested in working together, get in touch with us at summitsupport@shoretel.com.